First blog post

When life feels lonely and meaningless, for the most part people branch out to find others to fill the emptiness. I’m not making a blog for you, my dear reader. I’m making a blog to fill a hole in my heart. I’m making a blog so that I can keep my mind together and not feel like I’m losing it. I’ve gone threw a great deal in my life time, and somehow I’m still going threw a lot. I’m constantly asking myself questions, constantly overthinking everything, and constantly second guessing myself. If I just get my thoughts out there with a chance some poor sole will stumble upon it, isn’t that better than being completely alone? 

My goal is to write, to better myself, to find comfort in the loneliness that has always been unavoidable. I’m only human, and I’m here to share myself to the random person/people I may or may not attract to my blog. 


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