There is a Dark Side to Happiness. 

We all crave happiness, I have never heard of, or met someone who desires misery. Happiness to me is an extremely complicated, confusing concept. Life gives us choices constantly and we all aim to pick the right ones. Choices that might one day,  lead us down the path to happiness.

My confusion starts there, everyone has different ideas of what happiness means to them. I personally think living a simple, non meaningful life with a family, and caring friends is where I could find true happiness. Others think they could find it in being successful, wealthy, smart, etc. If we all have different meanings of happiness how can we each find our own? I’ve lived long enuff to know the world isn’t a compromising place. With everyone fighting for what they think will bring them happiness, I know some of us loose for the others to succeed. 

It’s inevitable for people not to hurt other people, or push them down for thier own gain. Life is cruel, and there are far and few of us that just want to love, be loved, and help everyone they love succeed on their own personal journey to a happiness. 

All I can Finnish with is this. Live in the moment of happiness when you have it, fight for it, help others accomplish it, but no matter what you do, don’t hurt people for it. Life is too short to constantly put others down for yourself to have a moment of happiness. We all need to work torwards a happy life, and we all need to help out our friends and families to the best of our abilities. 


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