Google is Not the Answer 

When faced with a very troubling problem in life, we tend to ask the internet for its guidance. We all have troubles, hopes, worries, insecurities, plans, motives, basically everything that makes us human. My question is, why?

Everyone is different due to life experiences, different thought processes we all have, and environment around us. Why is it then, that when hit with devastation we sometimes turn to google to solve our problems? When everyone has diffrent ways of thinking and handling situations, is it really the best idea to turn to strangers for advice? 

We all were gifted with problem solving skills and the way we handle things determines so much of the future. In the past I’ve looked at forums and posts on advice for important situations. It wasn’t until recently it hit me. I am so, so diffrent from the people around me, and the people around me are so, so diffrent than the people around them. 

We all precieve things differently and we all look at life in different ways. How could one person know you and tell you how to change for the better, fix a problem in your life, or make you feel better. I think one of the biggest problems we all have is that we don’t trust ourselves enuff to not look for a strangers advice. I think we all need to fight for our individuality and look to the people we know and trust if we really need advice. 

Learning to handle things in a way that is best for you takes a lot of strength and knowledge. Strength and knowledge isn’t found in a day, it’s something we have to work for, and I truely think that’s a beautiful thing.


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