Painful accidents 

There is no worse feeling than when you hurt someone extremely badly. Loving someone and then knowing your actions of the past have caused them serious pain, is in itself extremely painful. You can only imagine how miserable you made the other person feel, and then you know you only have a small amount of knowledge of what they are feeling. 

Loving someone and then breaking them down and being apeart of something so hurtful to them is devistating. It’s only natural to make mistakes and causing pain. 

It only makes matters worse when you try to be there for the person you’ve hurt because they mean something to you. Sometimes that’s all you can do. It takes a lot of self sacrifice as you listen to what you’ve done and you stay selfless as you support them instead of standing up for yourself. 

Pain isn’t fun for anyone and sometimes even helping hurting people in itself hurts you as well. It’s not fair, it’s not fun, it’s just something you have to do. We all try to not hurt people but sometimes there’s nothing we can do. 


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